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 Regenesis Creates The INTENTIONAL Manager and Leader


          Founded by Thomas Welsh, Management Consultant, Thought Leader and Author - To help as many managers and leaders as possible be all they are capable of being.


It's Our Mission

          We are driven by our mission is to create managers and leaders who are ready to show up, expand their possibilities, and make a difference.

          We've developed a programme for Managers and Leaders, created by Managers and Leaders and shared by Managers and Leaders.

          The programme provides direction for the conscious,  purposeful, and proactive. It's an action-based, results-focused system for the aspiring ‘Intentionalised Manager and Leader’.


Our Values Are Clear

          We believe there is a fundamental equalness of all human worth.  We are neither more nor less than one another, we are different that is all, and in difference there is great strength.

           We operate with integrity, and endorse 'doing the right things in the right way'.  The Programme fosters authentic prosocial qualities as managers and leaders take charge of their path and perform to the best of their ability.

           We regard relentlessness and resilience as  essential in our drive for positive change.  'If it matters don't give up' is our shared moto and experience in our quest for progress.

          We understand the power of community, collaborative sharing of ideas and learning.   We bring managers and leaders together to network in peer groups to support and inspire each other.

           We embrace radical responsibility on the journey to becoming an Intentionalised Manager and Leader.  It is our daily decisions that determine how organisations create true wealth in society. We cannot rely on the politicians and charismatic leaders alone to lead the way ahead. It is up to us as managers and leaders to make an impact on the future of our organisations and the world around us. To be empowered, we can choose the ownership of our future.


Who Is The  Intentionalised Manager & Leader?


          When you intentionally and actively apply a unique proven recipe, doing the right things in the right way ...

          ...when you truly realise your own potential and that of your people,

          ...when you fully develop a fractal and holistic awareness of your organisation at a systems level and

          generate maximine growth for your organisation and yourself ...

          ...when you achieve outstanding esults, the rewarding lifestyle you deserve and a reputation of an exceptional person ...


...YOU are an Intentionalised Manager and Leader.

...With Regenesis. - The Future Is Yours.