Timeline 2010: C.L.O.s  Earning More Than C.F.O.s?

            Yes you read it right!  Chief Learning Officers in big corporates were earning more than Chief Financial Officers!  Predictive human capital analytics had been born.  Chief Learning Officers were presenting to Board Meetings alongside CFOs. The Board Meeting Agenda: 1. Chief Executives Report. 2. Financial Report. 3. Human Capital Report.

            For the first time companies accessed reliable information about the expected and actual Return on Investment from deliberate interventions to develop their people.    I was fortunate enough to be working in partnership with the world’s top human capital analytics provider at the time.  I learned that so much more was possible.

Financial Teams as Internal Consultants

         So, here’s an intervention I’ve used very successfully to unlock resources in several organisations. By turning every manager and leader into a member of the finance team you can massively improve performance and results. This can be achieved by preparing and assigning finance team members to work directly with each individual manager and leader as an ‘internal consultant’.  The impact is huge

            Effectively, the finance team become management and team development trainers.  They are beginning to intervene in performance-enhancing ways that can’t be done by HR.  With a bit of preparation team members of Finance can enable each manager and leader to:

  • Be much more responsible for their income and expenditure in real-time
  • Create much better financial plans for the future
  • Make much better decisions about opportunities and investments
  • Plan for the longer term and be less overwhelmed by short term pressures
  • Make sure there is a return on investment from people costs
  • Make sure the capacity and capability of human capital are sustained

The purposeful growth and development of the organisation are enhanced and assured,

            This intervention is extremely effective.  Finance is freed from the ‘scapegoat’ role of the stingy custodians of the money, and recast as even higher value creators (good for salaries and bonuses and excellent for organisation performance).

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