…Do Worry Because…

            ...if you don’t have clear written life, work, and career goals…

            ….you’re not alone!  You’re in good, bad… a lot of company.

            My experience working with 8,437 managers and leaders over the last 39 years, the findings of available research, and likely your own knowledge tells us:

  1. Only about 16% of people have any kind of clear life, work, and career goals – these people fair a little better that most
  2. Approximately 84% do not have any clear life work and career goals.
  3. A tiny 2-3% of people have clear, written, frequently updated, life work and career goals and a plan for their achievement. This minority has a completely different experience and … do a whole lot better than the rest!

But that’s not my point…

            …in order to manage and lead others, you must first be able to manage and lead yourself.  But even this is not the real point.  If you’re not the cause of how your lifestyle pans out – then you must be at the effect of what everybody else decides and does. Surely this will never do.

            For managers and leaders, and my experience of their stories, this is the road to unending overwhelm, professional invisibility, continued time poverty, multiple deadlines, insufficient salary, and an expectation of the same again by this time next year. From junior to senior this plays out at all levels.

So here’s my top 3 recommendations for you:

Recommendation #1:

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Hello, I’m Thomas Welsh. 

I show managers and leaders how to take real charge of their lives and careers, earn twice as much in half the time, and put an end to the overwhelm once and for all.  Contact me when you’re ready to take your next step.