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MME #16: I don’t believe in New Years Resolutions - Do You?

Dec 27, 2022

Dear {{name}}, Dear Friend and Manager Colleague,

Happy Holiday if you are having one in your tradition, in your part of the world, with the New Year only a few days away,

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 Now without further ado, let's dive this week's content:

...did you see my post yesterday?

If not here it is again...

15-25 year goals determine what you can stop doing in the year to come

- So you have time to start doing what will take you forward.

Do you know what I love most about having 15-25 year goals?

You can you reverse engineer them:

Start with the end in mind:

  • Imagine your are in the same day in 15 or 25 years time.
  • Everything you want is already in existence.
  • Imagine it all in as much vivid detail as possible
  • What you see, hear, feel and think
  • Look at who you are and what has changed
  • Then, whilst staying in that day in your imagination
  • Remember back to the day 15-25 years before
  • At who you used to be
  • Compare the difference

You will find there are things you can change immediately:

  • Things about yourself
  • Things about your world
  • Things you can just decide are different from now on

Already, you will have changed

Already you will be some years further forward

It’s like time travel for managers


  • If you lapse from the discipline of staying with your new decisions
  • Which we all do from time to time.
  • It matters not.
  • You can just get back up.
  • You can just pick up where you left off.
  • Your long term goals are still intact.
  • And you are still further forward.
  • No prospect of failure!

But best of all…

When you do this

You’ll probably achieve your goals

Much sooner than you ever thought possible

My experience is 25 year goals in 3-5 years!

Try it and see

  • I’ve spent my life helping managers with this
  • This is one of the most important things you can do at any time of year
  • I've put together a free micro course to help you with the details of how to do this powerfully

You can access 'How To Intentionalise Your Future'here:

  • On its own this can tranform your life and work - for the better!
  • Enjoy it all.

Have wonderful day! T


Monday Manager Entrepreneur

Wishing You A Happy And Prosprous New Year!


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