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MME #15: Are You Ready To Move To The Next Version Of Yourself?

Dec 19, 2022

Monday Manager Entrepreneur

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Today, I want to share what I’ve learned about recreating myself and my life

Next year could be your best year ever, or, it could be just another year in the slow decline of your present fortunes.

Many managers don’t realise that cause and effect is usually reversed.

This means most people do what they most need to learn about in some way:
- Nurses may need to learn about caring for themselves
- Policemen may need to manage the own criminality
- Salespeople may need to convince themselves they personally have something worth having
- Managers may need to wreak order and create contribution in their life in some way

This doesn’t mean you are not good at what you do - in fact the reverse is likely to be true if you are reading this.

It means you still feel the need to do it rather than choose to do it - usually at cost to yourself in some way

Living the life you want to live, doing the work you want to do, and gaining true freedom is always about moving beyond the need to do a thing…

… and then, if its still what you want to do - choosing to do it anyway

There are 3 areas of action you could use to give yourself the best years ever going forward

#1 Get really clear on where you want to go
#2 Move beyond your need to do anything
#3 Make your work your bridge to your destiny

#1 Get really clear on where you want to go

- Is your life really how you want it to be?
- Do you live where you truly want to live?
- Is your family as happy as you want it to be?
- Do you have time for you?
- Have you found the love of your life?
- Do you have time to fall back in love with your spouse?
- Are you fit? Are you well? Do you love life?
- Does each area of your life support the other areas?

The questions could go on and on…

- If you are going to make change where could you start?
- If you want things to be different, what does your ideal world look like?
- Have you ever given yourself time to lay it all out?

The answer for most people is no!

But you could change this the next time you get a break
- A weekend
- A public holiday
- Your own holiday
- A new year
- A new day

One of my favourite quotes is:
“There’s a big bight beautiful tomorrow waiting at the end of every day” Walt Disney

Just having this thought is enough for me to get up again every time life might pull me down.

And gradually I have moved to towards the life of my dreams.

“Success is progress towards a worthy goal” - Earl Nightingale

“Never give up. Never give up. Never give up!” - Winston Churchill

“Discipline is the most important”. Vic Conant

The discipline to choose, and keep choosing until you get what you want is the key!

This aligns
- Your conscious and unconscious mind
- Your emotions
- You reticular activating system
- Your action
- Maybe even the energy of the universe (I believe so)

I saw this post yesterday on LinkedIn. It also inspired to stop and think once again:

2 Move beyond your need to do anything

There is a famous quote the origins of which are unclear:

“Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.” — Zen Kōan

Although it appears nothing has changed on the outside (doing), everything has changed on the inside (being).

When you take some time for yourself

Have a really careful think about what you do and why
- Is it really what you want to do?
- Is it simply practical for now because it provides the resources you need?
- Does it align with your personal mission?
- Do you feel good when you do it?
- Do you feel in flow
- If you could do anything in world what would it be?

Whatever your answers to these and your other questions…

If you decide you have to continue with what you’re doing now - choose it consciously and appreciatively.

Choice is gained little by little.

If your plan is to do something different now, soon, or later, let whatever you decide be OK

- Can you transcend the need - and make it a choice?
- How can you use it to move into YOUR mission?
- Does it help you find your path?
- Do you feel in harmony with the world around you

#3 Make your work your bridge to your destiny

One of the smartest things I ever learned?

“Know your outcome”

“Once you know clearly what it is that you want, the whole universe will move to give it to you” - John Harricharan.

Or if you prefer - once you know what you want - your reticular activating system (the little part of your brain that notices what you want) will keep an eye out for anything that might lead you to it

- What could you do differently to redefine yourself as a manager?
- What would change your success as a person?
- How could you renegotiate your relationship with the rat race?
- How could you reinvent the way you do your work?

In Summary

If you are not choosing how you want to go forward then entropy will decide for you.

Though it may feel good for a while ultimately it has to be your undoing.

So as soon as you can take a break or even a series of places between busy

#1 Get really clear on where you want to go

#2 Find your way to move beyond your need to do anything

#3 Make your work your bridge to your destiny!

That’s all I’ve got.

Have a great day! T

See you again next week.

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