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MME #18: How To Take Your Power Back As A Manager

Jan 10, 2023


Monday Manager Entrepreneur

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 MME #18: How To Take Your Power Back As A Manager


This week I want to talk about the power of managers.

There are hundreds of millions of managers in the world yet their voice is almost unheard. Without all these managers, the world would surely be a lesser place.

Yet the world and our organisations do not want more managers, nor are they happy with the majority of the ones they’ve got!

Where did managers go wrong and what can we do about it now?

I’ve seen another side of this. I’ve spent my career seeking out managers occupying their full potential.

I want to show you how managers at their best march to a different drum.

My purpose in writing this for you as manager is to show you exactly how you can do this using…

…4 key charateristics:

1. “If it’s to be it’s up to me” - self responsibility
2. Be a part of the single management body
3. Make your organisation an offer they can’t refuse
4. Make things happen by systems not just charisma

Out of this comes not only a better future for your organisation and the world around you. You can also expect it to be better for you:
* More income
* Better results
* More free time
* Make work way more fun
* Know you're doing a great job of leading your people
* Proactively help your organisation become much more of all it's capable of being
* Make a better world around you.

From my life in management, and decades of research and experimentation with colleagues in the field, there is another level…

We find change makers at every level of organisations, from the C-Suite to the front line.

The gravity of the organisation, its locus of change seems somehow attached to them.

It is almost as though the organisation moves and changes because it is part of their consciousness.

Often times, the ‘tail really is wagging the dog’

Characteristics You Can Take On To Increase Your Power and Influence:

#1. “If It’s to be, it’s up to you”

You can choose to be self-responsible and self-directed. Your power to act isn’t given to you. Power to act is something you have decided you have yourself and you take it with you wherever you go.

Having been appointed to the role of manager, you take it upon yourself to look after and manage much wider arenas than just the one you have been given to manage. The arena you look after extends to the whole organisation or even beyond.

#2. You are part of the management body

There is a world view that every organisation has its own management body. This comprises all the people who have management role in the organisation. What they do collectively will determine the organisation’s fate.

As a high performing manager you can see yourself as part of THE management body. Seeing yourself as equal to all your peers. Seeing yourself as part of that all the other manager equal to them in every way albeit with different roles and grades.

You have a reason to understand the whole. A legitimacy to talk to any manager about anything connected to the health, wellbeing, and success, of the organisation.

You may even find your management body extends out into the world beyond the organisation. This puts you in a network of manager confidantes and colleagues from whom you can garner really valuable, sage advice and help when needed.

#3. Make your organisation an offer they can’t refuse

The beauty of being self determining is you can initiate! The beauty of being part of the management body if you can move as one!

Edgar Schein, the great management consultant used to talk about managing by wandering round, having conversations, and asking questions because:
* It gave him a sense of the whole
* It enabled him to gradually construct the movement for change.

You can do exactly the same. Gradually you will get to really understand the organisation’s (the management body’s) most wanted outcomes.

Once you can do this you will be able to make the organisation an offer it can’t refuse…

…you already know they want it. All the groundwork is done!

#4. Make things happen by systems not just charisma

The 4th characteristic is systems. You can put yourself in a place where you are never overwhelmed by the day job. This leaves you in a position to always have headspace and free attention for what matters.

Whether it’s a crisis or an opportunity - you can be there. Knowing for sure that everything that supports your core results, reputation, and rewards back at the ranch is always running smoothly and almost entirely delegated.

It will take you a while to get your system installed, but it will be worth the effort. It’s like sitting on a 20-leg stool. If over time 1 leg falls off it matters not.

As the manager you have always guaranteed the time to think. Yours is not to do. Not to work inside the organisation but rather to work on the organisation.

You’ve moved way past the need to show your charismatic leadership credentials everyday by majoring on rushing round on a white-horse putting out fires.

In Summary

If you want to be all the manager you are capable of being. If you want to live your life and have your work of choice. One way or another, you as manager have to find to way to live in your freedom, and with your power.

More than anything else, 4 meta characteristics are both the wherewithal, and the evidence you are doing it.

1. Being Truly Self Determining

2. Fulfill Your Part In The Management Body

3. Be The Manager Of Your Organisation

4. Have The Systems You Need For A Life Well-Lived

The world needs managers like never-before. So much is drifting out of kilter because core systems are not well-formed. This applies to systems in organisations well as systems between organisations.

It is my belief that: only by working together, as part of a wider management body, have we chance to put things right.

Leaving it longer is an option, but it will only make the job longer and much harder with massive collateral damage.

Great Managers really are important. There are a lot of us who could step up. I hope this helps you decide.

That’s all for this week.

See you again next week. T

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