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MME #24: Renewing Your Role - Automate or Systematise?

Feb 21, 2023


Monday Manager Entrepreneur

Read time: 4 minutes

 How do you change what it means to be a manager?

Much more effort and time has gone into this week's newsletter!

Why? Because it's urgent and important. Machine learning is in the building and open to use by us all.

The change we have all been anticipating to our roles as managers is suddenly upon us. 

Now is the time for you to renew and upgrade the way you do your role as manager or executive.  Leaving it until even a little later may mean you lose the initiative in your organisation and become wholly at effect to the decisions of others.

Today I have focussed on the 1 big change you can make to the way you work.  Once done you can then focus on the 3 big paradigm shifts you must deliver as you move forward.

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As far as I can see delaying action is a really bad idea.  The change to what it means to be a manager, and executive is upon you now.  You can choose how it plays out...for now.

Here's the 4 clear steps you can take to retain the initiative. 

  1. Automate and Systematise
  2. Elevate The Goals
  3. Innovate Better Choices
  4. Habituate Generative Behaviours

I believe the speed with which you implement  these 4 Actions will materially influence the extent to which the coming changes are done with rather than to you and the people around you

Let's dive straight in

Step 1: Automate or Systematise?

If you ask and AI Bot to list the top 10 management tasks that can be automated to save time it comes up with a very peculiar view.  Here's what ChatGPT came up with:

  1. Email management
  2. Scheduling and calendar management
  3. Data entry
  4. Document management
  5. Social media management
  6. Budget management
  7. Performance tracking
  8. Project management
  9. Inventory management
  10. Human resources management

This might be the popular image of what Management is mostly about, but it is completely wrong. 

  1. The weakness for you: the above could all be automated.  It could be done without you
  2. The weakness for your organisation: the above is not a complete system. The results would be ordinary at best

Management is mostly about the human dimension inside and outside the organisation

  • Automation without people is automatic. 
  • Automation with people has to be a system.

A better wholistic top 10 list can be curated from the fundamentals of management which was originally a system of action:

  1. Establish Motive - highest goals
  2. Build Teamwork  - common purpose
  3. Establish Meaning - individual alignment
  4. Generate Creativity - innovation and improvement
  5. Sustain Efficiency - work design
  6. Create Value - levels of contribution
  7. Normalise Collaboration - working together
  8. Excel at Communication - understanding outcomes
  9. Value Enterprise - serve the world
  10. Optimise Expansion - make more possible

All of second list can systematized and annualised rather than automated because

  • They can continue to seek their highest level of expression
  • They must have humans involved (including you as a manager) to make sure the best really can be delivered.

NB .If you've not got a quick way to systematise 80% of your role to be delivered in 20%  of your time with much better results.  Get it done now so you continue to outperform any automation.

This makes tit possible for you to put 80% of your time into the 20% of you role unique to you and your situation.  This gives you not 1 but 2 total differentiators to separate you from any other lower value way of doing your role as manager,

If you don't have a way to quickly systematise Step 1 you can look here for inspiration

Step 2: Elevate Your Goals

Systematising a better list of the fullness of what it means to be a manager obviously gives you better and self renewing results.  A big plus!

It also frees up you time and give you headspace for clearer focus on what else needs including in your own and your organisation's goals e,g:

  1. Environmental sustainability
  2. Social justice and equality
  3. Poverty reduction
  4. Education and skill development
  5. Health and wellness
  6. Community building
  7. Innovation and creativity
  8. Diversity and inclusion
  9. Collaboration and partnerships
  10. Ethics and transparency

Going forward it is clear managers are going to need to add value in these areas too.  Whole organisations may thrive or die depending on your success!

Step 3: Innovate Better Choices

Now you will have a clearer view of what to systematise in an annual cycle  and what to include in your higher goals,  Next up? What are your top 10 tasks to  help your people and your organization contribute more and increase productivity and profitability?

  1. Encourage creativity and risk-taking
  2. Foster a culture of learning and growth
  3. Embrace technology and new ways of working
  4. Empower your team to take ownership and initiative
  5. Streamline processes and workflows
  6. Experiment with new business models and strategies
  7. Invest in employee development and training
  8. Emphasize customer-centricity
  9. Use data to drive decision-making
  10. Build strong partnerships and collaborations.

Step 4:  Habituate Generative Behaviours

Finaly what behaviours can you habituate as a manager to keep your organisation moving forward?

  1. Practice active listening to understand your team's needs and concerns
  2. Develop emotional intelligence to build stronger relationships with your team
  3. Encourage a culture of feedback to promote continuous learning and growth
  4. Stay open to new ideas and perspectives to foster innovation and creativity
  5. Prioritize self-care to prevent burnout and maintain mental and physical well-being
  6. Build a network of trusted advisors and mentors to support your personal and professional development
  7. Set clear goals and objectives to guide your team and monitor progress
  8. Foster a culture of transparency and trust to build stronger teams and relationships
  9. Continuously learn and stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices - use technology accelerators where appropriate
  10. Develop a growth mindset to embrace challenges and view failures as opportunities to learn and grow.


How about an overarching Personal Strategy for you as an Individual Manager or Executive?

Here are some suggested principles you may include:

  1. Develop a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that values and empowers all team members.
  2. Incorporate data-driven decision-making to drive strategic planning and enhance organizational performance.
  3. Enhance communication and collaboration across departments and teams to improve teamwork and productivity.
  4. Promote ethical and sustainable business practices to contribute to the betterment of society and the environment.
  5. Prioritize employee well-being and mental health to promote a healthy and productive work environment.
  6. Foster a culture of continuous learning and development to ensure that the team stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

That's all for this week.

See you again next week. T

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