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MME #21: Time, Money, Significance, & Multiple Jobs - Managers Can Have It All!

Feb 07, 2023

Monday Manager Entrepreneur

Read time: 4 minutes

This week I want to talk with you about the importance of turning your management life into a system and then going one step further to turn that system into an annual cycle.

Why?  Management as a repeatable cycle creates much better results! It also makes your role as manager MUCH more time efficient.

With 4 simple steps you can gradually set yourself up so you can in fact have all the time, money, and significance you choose as a manager. 

You can also join together multiple roles to build resilience in your portfolio. As you probably know, I've spent my live my professional life turning management into a system and refining that system into an annual cycle.   Here's the 4 main steps you need to take:

Step A:  Assemble Your Annual Cycle

Your first step is to either to create your own annual cycle or, adopt and adapt an annual cycle from outside.  (You can get one at the bottom of this page for less than $100 until the end of te month.  Or, you can create your own if you prefer).

Whichever you choose,  your cycle will need to embrace all of the main elements of the management role.   You can use your cycle to enhance your income, reputation, and rewards by effectively implementing the strategies and plans outlined in your cycle, and achieving the goals and objectives agreed with organization(s).

By consistently delivering strong performance and results, you can demonstrate your value to your organization and position yourself a long and highly rewarding relationship.

The following are some ways you can use the cycle to enhance your income, reputation, and rewards: 

  1. Achieving financial targets: By effectively managing budgets and financial plans, you can help the organization achieve its financial goals, which you can of course use in pursuit of financial and other recognition
  2. Improving employee performance: By implementing effective performance management and talent management strategies, you can help employees perform to the best of their abilities, which can improve the overall performance of the organization and increase your reputation as an effective leader.
  3. Implementing successful changes: By effectively managing change within the organization, your can help the organization adapt to new circumstances and improve its performance, which can increase your reputation as a forward-thinking leader.
  4. Improving customer satisfaction: By implementing effective customer service and marketing strategies, you can help increase customer satisfaction.
  5. Building a strong network: By networking with key stakeholders and industry leaders, you can build a strong reputation and position themselves for future opportunities.
  6. Continuously improve: By continuously evaluating your own performance and identifying areas for improvement, you can ensure that they stay up-to-date with the latest management techniques and use this to manage your own progression and rewards.

Step B: Build Your Teams

Once you've got your system in place an early focus needs to be on building the teams in each of your home locations.

A regular team building model will do the job here with:

  • Where are you now?
  • Where do you want to be in the future?
  • How are you going to get there?

An enhanced framework can also be used accelerate the process still further using for example: - Mission, Vision Values, Vital Few, and Action Plans.

One of the great strengths from having an annual cycle is you will be doing same chunk of work in each of the roles you have.  So once you have designed and run your team building for a particular year you can use the design in each of your roles (There is a bonus teambuilding swipe-file available in the Playbook below)

Step C: Causative Intent

As you begin to install your annual cycle one of the frist things you do is to create very strong alignment of goals with your team and your primary organisation and then subsequently with each of your others.

These goals need to be reset each year to keep your value in focus. Be reporting the achievement and value continuously and cumulatively you give a sense of pace and momentum. All of this ensures you stay valuable to each of your employers.

It is also important to stress the benefit of working with more than one organisation simultaneously.  It is always preferable for your organisations to be either non-competing or symbiotic.  This eliminates fears about conflicts  of interest and allows you to make more of the benefits of collaboration. 

It is amazing how often an idea from one sector can be adopted and adapted as a winning strategy in another.  As you run your annual cycle you and your teams need to be explicitly clear about the outcomes to be achieved at every step along the way.  Again reporting mechanisms are specified in the Playbook below should you wish to go that way.

Step D: Dovetail and Delegate

For most people, if they can see how what they do at work gives them what they want in life - this is a strong motivator.

During your teambuilding and the 1:1 follow-ups which follow, it's important to identify your future teams of direct reports.  These are the people you will rely to deliver your results and free up your time.  They are your people who make everything happe you need to look after them well/

There are two main types of people you can look for:

  1. The Risers: people who you know are looking to get promoted and increase their salary,  For them the key is performance precedes promotion.  If they can build a track record of performance at the level above they will be more likely to win their next promotion interview.

    Help them move forward whenever you can.

  2. The Stayers: These are people who's job fits really well with their life - what they want is security.  For them, the key is turning them into flexible, multi skilled, upper quartile or better performers. This makes them pretty much indispensable to you - just what they want!

    Praise them well every time they deliver!

More on this in MasterMap 3 in the Playbook below.

In Summary

4 big steps to get set up:

  1. Annual Cycle
  2. Build Your Team
  3. Causative Intent
  4. Dovetail and Delegate

These are the beginnings of the engine you need to give you much more of the time, money and significance you truly deserve and can have as a manager.  Enjoy!

That's all for this week.

See you again next week. T

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