Success Stories


        When you work with us, commercial and personal confidentiality will always be maintained.  We believe the only person who should ever tell the story of you and your organisation is you. We never use or sell your story for our aggrandisement, marketing, or profit . 

        The case studies below are completely true, but the identity and names of those involved have been anonymised by substituting avatars, proxies and changes of context to keep the origin private.  Please let us know if you want to offer your story for publication and we will remove any identifying details. 




Aaron Caseman -  used Regenesis to move from a $25,000/year team manager to $180,000/year Director.  I started working together with Aaron when he was stuck . Within 15 months he was working at board level.  He’s now a National Director in a massive healthcare provider.  Aaron has gone on to transform many large healthcare organisations


Olivia Janies – used Regenesis to move from being Local Manager of a 9 person professional services team and is now National Chief Executive in less than a year. After showing Olivia how she could mobilise her team and their ideas last year, she has already transformed her local service provider into profitable national organisation and is its Chief Executive building its forward strategy and on the way to becoming the head of an international organisation.


Adam and Tina Southway - these small company directors of an engineering services firm took less than 60 days to begin reconfiguring their company to become sector leaders in a crucial national industry.  There were able to shift their vision and mobilise their team to expand their technical services operation from $500,000 to $700,000 in 6 months.
Now they’re tracking to scaling to $2m/year


Jacob Denison a veteran chief executive nearing retirement used Regenesis to completely re-evaluate his legacy for his companies.  Setting out a completely new vision, he and his team transformed his companies, and the way his managers and leaders were managed and developed. A new lease of life saw him take on new ventures with renewed energy and passion.  He has created a lasting legacy benefitting his organisations and millions of people




Case Study #1: This 3000+ person Healthcare Provider Organisation went from $870K pa loss, to a $3.3m surplus in 14 months after 107 of its managers and leaders were shown how to change the way they took action in their situations on the 12 key areas of Regenesis.   All who took part went on to more senior positions.


Case Study #2: This Industrial Air Handling Manaufacturer’s  5 senior managers built a then failing subsidiary company, into a massively more profitable and effective organisation, which 2 years later outgrew and bought out its parent company in which they became highly paid Executive Directors on the Board


Case Study #3: Organisation: This Large Technology Company  moved from loss making goliath to multinational, $multibillion blue chip in 3 years after its managers and leaders company wide were shown how to create their and its Regenesis.  Those managers and leaders either now have much better careers inside the blue chip itself or have migrated across the world to more senior positions in other companies and consultancies


Over 39 years I’ve also worked with 8,437 (just the ones I have records for) individual managers and leaders of which the above names are just a few examples