What is the Regenesis Programme?


The Regenesis Programme focuses on what you need to do to realise your true potential as a manager & leader, organisation head, or business owner. The programme consists of a series of breakthroughs in 3 fundamental domains: People, Systems and Growth.   Changing the way you take action in each domain predictably provides you with increased results, increased reputation and increased income.  The Regenesis Programme is built around 12 core breakthroughs.   

        Here’s what it looks like to transform your work and lifestyle with Regenesis over the next 12-18 months:

           When you install the Breakthroughs of Regenesis, you are using a practical proven system for your success as an Intentionalised Manager & Leader. Your action turns into results, your results strengthen your reputation, and you can turn these into your rewards.

          The programme is based on a unique recipe for your success and your organisation's success.  In fact, at least 10x Return on Investment is Guaranteed for both you and your organisation when you invest the time, do the work, and access help when you need itIf you do not achieve the predicted RoI, having followed the programme, your investment will be refunded.

          Uniquely Regenesis enables you to measure the value of your results before and after every breakthrough.         

        Accessing this information is key to taking the necessary steps to increase your income as you build your track record of results.

          The Regenesis Programme has been created, tested and proven whilst working with more than 8,400 Managers & Leaders, 117 Boards, and 1000s of Organisations. It is a predictable system which enables you as a manager & leader to increase your impact to achieve outstanding results.  In fact, Your Initial Goals for Regenesis are straightforward: 4 x the Results, 2 x the Salary, in ½ the Time. 

          The programme works because it is a system based on more than three decades of experience, research into what works, and measurement of results. It works because it ends the isolated endeavour of managers and leaders who ‘go it alone’.   Regenesis recognises the strength and value of shared ideas, cooperation and collaboration for the mutual benefit of all.

            With the right practices and strategies in place to guide and drive results, it provides an accountability-based community of peers who share ideas, help and guide you every step along your journey to success.

What It Feels Like To Be Intentionalised As A Manager & Leader


Why Work With Managers and Leaders?

           Although we have created amazing results for every size, shape, and type of organisation, our biggest rewards have come from doing what we know best.  We show managers and leaders how to demonstrate their true potential and value to deliver greater results than they or their organisation ever thought possible with less time and work and better rewards.

Who Are The Managers & Leaders?

         CEOs, COOs,  Board Chairs, Executives, Non-Executives, Directors, Senior Managers, Middle Managers, Junior Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors - anybody who has a manager and leader role of any kind in a huge for-profit multinational, or the smallest not for-profit team.  In fact, anybody who has stepped up to the role of manager and leader to make a difference to themselves, their organisation and the world around them.

          Of course, the Regenesis Programme is also for organisations who want to unlock their hidden potential. What makes Regenesis work is our client organisations and individual clients who all see its potential as a new system for managers and leaders.   Regenesis massively improves the outcomes and outputs managers and leaders and their organisations achieve, and the futures they create.

What's On Offer? Take A Look

          YOUR FREE BREAKTHROUGH AND STRATEGY SESSION: Are you curious, do you want to know: "Is there another way of doing what you do"   Maybe you’re feeling a bit stuck with the same practices and making little or no progress in your work or career. Or, maybe you’re just curious and asking the question anyway, getting no answers or no change.You can get your first or next breakthrough for here – with a free 1:1 online session lasting up to 2 hours. 

            Your Free Breakthrough and Strategy Session' shows you how to: identify where you're already winning, where there's more treasure buried, calculate its value, choose your first breakthrough and jumpstart your progress.

          You can book your free Breakthrough and Strategy Session' anytime there is a slot available in my diary to suit you by clicking this link. This is not a sales call, and there is no pressure involved.  We offer this session free of charge because our mission is to help all managers and leaders

          YOUR SATURDAY STRATEGY WORKSHOP: When you decide you want more breakthroughs, we offer this once a month, 5 hour, Saturday Workshop as your next step. Here you discover where to take action and how to build your strategy for the coming year.  This workshop enables you to mobilise your team and upgrade your systems as a foundation for greater rewards and personal freedom. Click here to book your place on the next Saturday Morning Full Strategy Workshop.

          YOUR REGENESIS PROGRAMME:  When you're done doing too much on your own, and you're ready to realise your full potential and your life of choice - this is for you. Time to end the overwhelm and time poverty and secure the lifestyle, results, reputation and rewards you truly deserve.  You’re ready to apply a new recipe for your success and quickly install your Intentional Breakthroughs to get you there. In addition to the 12 Breakthroughs of Regenesis,  managers & leaders also have access to the 4 Intentional Accelerators.  These are the change agent skills to enhance and accelerate your results.


Your  Breakthrough Plan
 A 30-minute breakthrough planning session every 6 months.  This keeps your plans for action up to date with a clear implementation schedule.

Your MasterMap Trainings
 Each of the MasterMaps of Regenesis delivered to you in bite size pieces on demand. The fundamental how tos you can adopt and adapt for action in your own situation

Your 2 x Weekly Live Q&A
 Email is always available.  Twice a week there’s live Q&A where can ask your hot questions to get clarity about the breakthrough intervention you are using.  

Your Success Partner
 The Regenesis 30 day challenge and 5 day goal system enable you and your success partner to hold each other to account and get more done each day.

Your Live ‘Get It Done’ Time
 Twice monthly, 2-hour, ‘live with team action sessions where you can focus on blasting through the work to create your results and devlier your breakthroughs.

Your Peer Mentors
 Your personal mastermind group of 4-6 peers work with you online to ‘test bed’ your plans, hotseat your performance, and share ideas and insights to help your next steps

Your Lifestyle Growth
Showing you how to systematically turn greater value into bigger income and the lifestyle of your dreams. Advanced Development for you as a change agent.

Your Private Support Network
 The friendship and networking colleagues you’ve always wanted.  Our energising LinkedIn Group is your private space to share and receive important ideas and insights


The Regenesis Programme has three stages,
one for each part of your journey as a manager & leader

Which one best describes where you are?

Click the best description of your situation below and discover how each stage delivers the transformations you’ve been seeking.


        You're in a manager and leader role you've just started or you've been doing for some time.  You're not yet making the progress you desire. Your salary is OK, but more would be better.  The overwhelm and  feeling of stuckness is building, You don't yet have as much influence as you'd like. You'd like to make a breakthrough.

        It’s time to access your breakthrough(s) and strategy as a manager & leader to jumpstart your progress.



You're a manager and leader who's made your early breakthroughs and now your hungry for more.  It would be great to identifying where you're already winning and discovering where there's more treasure buried. A clear plan to enable you to realise much more of you true potential would be a great investment in your future.

        It's time to create your personal strategy to deliver your work, lifestyle, outcomes, and freedom you would choose for yourself. 



        You're a manager and leader who's ready to rock and roll.  You now realise more life is out there and the future is yours to create.  Tired of going it alone, you're ready to realise your true potential to transform your results, your lifestyle, and the world around you.  It's time to include yourself in the family of Intentionalised Managers & Leaders.

        Now it's time for you to have what you need, to free up your work and your life, and to unlock your true potential.



Yes! Show me my BREAKTHROUGH


Yes! Show me my STRATEGY


Yes! Show me my REGENESIS


        You can start your Regenesis Programme at the stage best suited to you.

        Our intentional managers and leaders typically start their journey in a low investment 5 hour Saturday Strategy Session.  This enables you to make a clear plan and calculate the expected value of  Regenesis to yourself and your organisation.  As soon as you are clear and confident about the value of way ahead, you can move into the Regenesis Programme.

        (Note: Breakthrough is Free with Strategy. Breakthrough and Full Strategy are included with Regenesis to jumpstart quick wins and strengthen your plan from the beginning).


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Interested in finding out what this really means for you?

        Let's book an exploratory  Breakthrough & Strategy Session so we can get to know each other better. This session is free.  We are offering this because we want to be able to help every manager and leader realise more of their potential. This free session is how we deliver on this commitment. It’s not a pressuring sales talk (not our style at all).

        We'd love to hear more about what you do - where your winning, what's not working yet, and what's your ideal vision for the next 12-24 months and beyond. Then, we'd love to help you uncover where more treasure is buried, to calculate its value for you and your organisation, to choose your priority breakthrough and then help you jumpstart your progress. 

        Only then, if you’d like to talk about how Regenesis can help you further, we'll explain our proven breakthrough process.   We'll explain how the Regenesis program will fast-track you to your 24 month goals, in less time, and with less effort and loneliness than you would ever have thought possible working on your own.

        We want you to realise your true potential.