“How Do I Get Paid More?”

            This is one of the questions I get asked most frequently (in addition to how do I reduce the overwhelm and time poverty). Hopefully, you can use what I am showing you here to achieve all this.  The key is the RoI (return on investment) you create.

A New Recipe

            As a seasoned Mentor, It’s been clear to me for many years that managers and leaders need a new ‘recipe’ to follow when they enter a role.  A recipe and system to quickly provide more of the results wanted by their organisation… to give themselves a better lifestyle and salary as the value they create increases.

The Truth Is Out

            I’ve spent 39 years, seeking out, testing, refining and proving and getting real clarity on the essential ingredients of this recipe.  The new recipe is built around 12 key breakthroughs  - micro- strategies for extraordinary results. Within 12 – 18 months the recipe's goals are to create 4X the output, 2X the salary using ½ the manager and leader’s time.

The Key Breakthrough For Salary

            It’s amazing how many managers and leaders have not ‘monetised’ their activity. This is one of the key breakthroughs.  This shows how much value you create in a way that’s credible with your accountants and seniors.  Once you implement this this you can then more accurately show how you create more value using the other 11 breakthroughs.

Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

            Quite simply: “if you create value for people they will pay you for it”.  If you can report credibly on the value you create in a monthly and cumulative way you’re in a much stronger position to negotiate increases in your salary.  Your influence in this negotiation is greatly enhanced when you can offer (then of course deliver) future returns.  Hard for organisation to resist such an offer!

I’m Thomas Welsh

            If you would like a copy of my proprietary 6 Level RoI tool, given to me by the fastest rising manager and leader I ever knew. Frontline to boardroom in a major corporate in < 3years. Click here for your copy.  If you’d like to go 1 step further and book yourself (nothing to pay – with my compliments) a 1:1 mentoring session with me up to 1 hour: ‘Your Shortcut To Breakthrough’ - Just Click Here.  This will be the most valuable 60 minutes you’ll invest this year. !

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