Attention: All Professional Managers and Leaders, Executives, Directors, Team Leaders and Supervisors


“How $1 a Week Creates 

Maximum Wealth, Personal Power, and Freedom

For Your Time at Work”


And all this - from the comfort of your own desk and without nightmares about stress, embarrassment, or even any complex management speak.


Dear Fellow Professional Manager and Leader


Trouble brews up and suddenly:

  • ruined organisation
  • no job
  • no money
  • no prospects

Then, a thought strikes hard…

Damn it! If only, I’d started developing the way we worked a year ago, or even two.

Or surely, I could have organised a simple measurable contribution system.

If I’d done that - then, today we’d have easily overcome the problems.  I’d be secure. My role, my team, and my organisation would be secure. My salary would still be coming in - every month - like clockwork.

I wouldn’t have trashed my prospects and be feeling like this.


A contribution system gives me:

  • Self-determined salary connected to the massive extra value of the contribution I and my people create.
  • Increasing salary streams if I choose them.
  • A connected bank of happy employers who come to me first to create extra wealth and contribution.
  • The freedom to do my work from anywhere I choose.
  • A perfect way to build my reputation and significance.
  • Reduced exposure to the ‘winds of change'.
  • Peace of mind.

And even more - I feel I’m making a real positive difference to people’s lives. And that’s what I do. and who I am. I can relax. And if I want to - I can plan my work months ahead.

Here’s some good news… (and this is important)

          With a dollop of courage and the right methods (proven ideas, not BS from Lecture Land) you massively improve your contribution and value (with this your salary) faster than you ever thought possible.

How? Why? When?

          Because, it’s all about the ‘system’. Knowing the exact step-by-step formula. This releases your management and leadership creativity, boosts your confidence and lets you commit you and your people to success.

Here’s how you can use this ‘system’ right now:

“How to Run Your Very Own

Wealth Creating,
Personal Power Releasing,
Freedom Making

Contribution System”


Having run contribution, results and growth improvement programmes for boards, organisations, teams, and individuals for the last 39 years now I’ll show you my tried and proven ways how to:

  • Decide which of these 5 Tested Personal Interventions work best for you
  • Attract your ideal employers using my ‘7 Step Self Marketing System’
  • ​Deliver the outcome and value your employers are desperate to get from you 
  • ​Set up your salary to maximise your wealth and reputation
  • Know which key ‘management and leadership tools and techniques’ to use (and why these)
  • ​Offer ‘salary and contribution offers’ - without risk to you!
  • ​Uncover high-income-paying projects from your employers
  • ​Enjoy The 6 Freedoms multiple streams of salary gives you
  • Create reports and approval-in-principle proposals that engages and thrills your employing organisations and
  • ​Boost your security and employability (avoid one of the biggest pitfalls so many people fall into)
  • Plan your work programme months in advance
  • ​Use your top skills - and feel comfortable and confident
  • ​Build your Parthenon of Success to boost your earnings and enjoyment
  • Avoid the BIG MISTAKE most managers and leaders unwittingly make when they confuse the two ways to liberate personal power that people always have…

This is the same system…

          I’ve been using to get more Management and Leadership commissions AND to run my Organisation Development Practice for 39 years. The same one to run my Consulting Practice for 26 years. The same one to run my Regenesis Building the Future Practice for 11 years (Yes, my group clients, and 1:1 private clients pay me on a contribution model too)

  • You choose just how much salary you want to make
  • Work when it suits you: early morning, late at night, at the kitchen table, dressed or in pyjamas - your choice
  • Work where it suits you: wherever you have internet access: Home office - holiday villa - beach - mountaintop - whatever’s open for you to be there.
  • ​Use the core tools and techniques: massively reduce the time it takes  to get results
  • Acquire new assignments through a systemised early contribution process
  • Results delivered in a way you love to do it. Love making reports and presentations - perfect. Hate making reports and presentations - equally perfect. Like to write - great. Like to stand and speak, that works too.
  • ​Your reputation in your chosen organisations constantly increases
  • ​Create the ideal breeding-ground for high salary paying organisations 
  • ​Your exposure to the whims of the organisational change and individual or general market conditions is minimised
  • ​You’re totally in control
  • Feeling secure knowing your salary is predictable and increasable
  • ​You expand your skills and knowledge just by doing it
  • Contribution assignments are no longer a ‘trend’. They are a proven method for you to use your knowledge, your experience, your expertise to create contribution
  • ​If, unfortunately you’re indisposed – you can even set it up so your income still flows in
  • You’re also building a potentially saleable contribution system (who knows what you might sell it for?)

Exciting, isn’t it?

          I’ll explain everything in detail for you - so you can take it all away and use it with complete confidence.

“No more people undermining your security”

“You always have choices about what you do next”

“You always have other ways of getting paid” 

Way back in November 1983…

           I started my first contribution assignment. It was a project to offer 200 people voluntary reassignment and plan the 800 consequential moves: I doubled my salary every year for 3 years!

          I used to work from home, and create the interventions for every assignment. Bliss, choice, freedom, salary… And knowing I was making a positive difference to other people’s lives and their organisations. (And I’ve sold my contribution systems to others too - and still do)

Here's the important question

          Would you too like to discover the little-known management and leadership tools and techniques that are perfect for you (and from someone who’s been doing this for over 39 years)?

I’m sure you would - and I’ll show you.

My BIG blunders, Crazy Cock-Ups and Stunning Successes.

          Yes, I’ll open the doors wide, and show you how to avoid the embarrassing omissions, (and time consuming) mistakes I made, and how to make your life excellent as the designer of your very own contribution system you can use in any organisation.

Together, we will discover…

Which ‘intervention models’ are perfect for you, your style, your skills and the life you want to lead. Now you can.

This gives you

          An unfair advantage as a manager and leader in your workplace however - you won’t need to use any underhand Machiavellian methods or worry about internal politics. I’ll explain how to convert your hard-won respect into collaborative colleagues – that help you get your deserved rewards (and without those embarrassing pay rise conversations)


You get the complete ‘Diagnostic System’ (See Bonus #2) so you can have clarity about:

  • Creation of your interventions (I’ll show my O.G.I.M.S. Process)
  • ​Gaining commitment to extra resources - such as money, help and internal consultants 
  • The Multiplication Power of colleagues. This adds immense value to your contribution and salary - and to you too
  • ​How to report value, to massively increase your reputation and salary
  • Communicating what you’re doing, when and how - so you and they enjoy - total peace of mind

The BIG Question

          When you’re running a contribution system - how do you know what to do next and who is doing it? I know the answer to this question - and the way you make your whole system run like clockwork.

Whew! Now you can relax and enjoy the results and rewards…

Never before has there been a better way (or a simpler method) to take charge of the contribution you create and use it to take charge of your salary.

OK, what’s the next step?

Decide to join me in this 3-Part

“How to Create Your Very Own

Wealth Creating, Personal Power Releasing
Freedom Making

Contribution System”


…and join the elite ranks of Managers and Leaders who’ve already realised the enormous salary potential of contribution systems (and all from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are connected in the world) I love it!

Value delivered to your employers = salary delivered to you… Now that’s a win/win

Yes Thomas, Count me in!

Here’s our timetable:

Live Online Session One: 

Date: The next 3rd  Thursday of the month at 9:30 am - 11:00 am (BST UK time)

Content: The 5 models - decide which suits you and your style. The benefits and pitfalls of each. The 6 Freedoms. Running a Contribution System. Calculating the potential Salary for your Cumulative Contribution Created. The 3 Key Pillars of Your Parthenon of Success. Plus Q & A session

Yes Thomas, Countme in!

Live Online Session Two:

Date: The Next 4th Thursday of the month at 9:30 am - 11:00 am (BST UK time)

Content: The Simple Salary extra. When to Check Progress and How. Intervention Creation Systems. Technology and platforms. Extra Intervention Sources. Delivering Maximum Value. Q & A session

Live Online Session Three: 

Date: The 1st Thursday of the following month at 9:30 am - 11:00 am (BST UK time)

Content: Personal Outcome Building. Your life and career of choice really matter, The 5 Stages of Freedom. Using time travel to build your journey, monetising your personal mission, your need to serve and happiness, maximising the love in your life - plus Q & A session

Yes Thomas, Please count me in!

SPECIAL BONUS #1: (Value £500)

          All your LIVE trainings will be recorded and transcribed for you and stored in our secure online area where you’ll be able to access them and all the templates you see me use during our journey together.

So, if you’re unable to make any of the LIVE dates - no worries. It’s all there, safe for you.


(Value? Let’s say $750 each - but truly worth 10 times this)

          Over the last 37 years I’ve developed and honed the complete ' 360°, Diagnostic System for: (1) Individuals, (2) Organisations, and (3) Boards’. Now, you don’t have to go through all that work and cost. These are available on demand. You get all of these to spotlight exactly where to take action, wherever you are. 

You will be introduced to: Examples, templates, pdfs, maps, checklists - the ideal methods to design interventions, deliver projects and make engagement with others as powerful as possible.

I simply, tick the responses - and it’s done!

SPECIAL BONUS #3:  (Value $80)

          Through rigorous testing and proving my team and I have discovered ‘what works - and - what doesn’t’! Now, you also get access to the ‘How to Build the Work and Life of Your Dreams'. This shows you precisely what to do and when. Whether it’s:

  • Attracting the right employers 
  • ​How to boost your reputation
  • ​What to communicate and how 
  • ​How to maximise your contribution
  • ​When to create the ‘spike’ to boost contribution to maximise salary. 

Please: don’t spend another day only swapping your precious time for dead money without these proven methods at your fingertips.

SPECIAL BONUS #4:  ($200)

          “How to Write Short, Powerful Blockbuster Reports and Proposals” How to take the most powerful communication tools into your writing to ‘blow peoples’ socks off’ in the workplace.  The 2 hidden methods to use on just for page 1, on their own, make it 80% more likely your report or proposal will be successful…!!  This book really is the best of its kind!

SPECIAL BONUS #5:  (Value - you decide)

          One week after the completion of the 3 live training events - I’m going to run an extra online ‘Maximise Your Results’ Q & A session to answer any questions you have about implementing the ideas we’ve been through together. Join me and your fellow professionals for this on the 2nd Thursday of the following month at 9:30 am - 11:00 am (BST UK time).

Special Bonus #6: (Value $697 and more - much more)

Midweek Management Genius. This 7 years and more correspondence course - gives you the granular detail of everything you've learned.  This builds into a complete reference library and enables you to be, have, and do, everything you'd expect for yourself as an excellent manager and leader. This is the 'big one' - mailed to your desk every week!

Yes Thomas, Count me in!

Important Note: 

Over the years, clients have paid north of £15,000 to access my knowledge on this proven method of sustainable contribution and salary generation. 

However, to help you immediately join this new wave:

You get everything I’ve described for just $1 a week:



Pay just $2 for the first 32 days and

Easy payment plan:

  • Just $2 for the first 32 days –
  • you receive the LIVE TRAINING and all the bonuses for you to keep
  • then $52 per annum
  • Total just $54



Just one payment! 

  • Make only one payment
  • Just $52
  • Save $2
Yes Thomas, Count me in!

Simply click whichever payment option is right for you…

Whenever difficulties strike - opportunities abound. This is one of those times.

There’s no time to waste…

Don’t get left behind. Continue to gain new assignments, deliver the contribution they want and secure your future salary and life of choice - right now.

The joy of predictable and buildable salary…

          Come and join me and discover the smoothest way to boost the contribution you deliver to your employers and rightfully increase the regular predictable monthly salary you receive. Oh yes!!

Master the art:

          Of attracting your employers, engaging them with your proven ideas and making honest, integrity-laden agreements to help them get the improved results they crave. You are a professional manager and leader. This is the professionals’ way. You will build your contribution, reputation and salary just as fast as you decide.

Come and join me and your fellow professionals on the 3-part
“How to Create Your Very Own Wealth Creating,

Personal Power Releasing, Freedom Making Contribution System”  

…and gain the advantage as a manager and leader at in your chosen field whether you’re just started, at the very top or somewhere in the middle.

Just click here to reserve your place.

I’ll see you for our first exciting session on The next 3rd Thursday of the month at 9:30 am - 11:00 am (BST UK time)

Wishing you every success for our adventure together.


Thomas Welsh

“The Leading Expert in Releasing Potential”

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[email protected]

PS: If someone had told me when I was thinking about sharing my ideas; I could learn time-tested, proven, ethical ways so I could confidently and calmly create an ongoing contribution system to produce an extra $5,000 salary (or much more in any currency) every month - I’d have said, “Count me in”

If you too would love to know...

          How to create your very own contribution system – make a positive difference in the world – and self determine your salary becomes a reality for you too, then - come, join me for this in-depth online live training

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How to Create Your Very Own Wealth Creating, Personal Power Releasing, Freedom Making Contribution SystemLive Online Training

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