Here’s A Truth…

            …organisations waste 15-40% of their revenue. This is one of the central findings of the ‘Lean’ Institutes, and from the research of hundreds of quality management and work-study bodies.  Even more shocking, we know most organisations are only realising 16-21% of their potential even though 64-68% is easily available.  We have the World Management Survey, University Research, and Statistics to prove this little gem.

So, Why Don’t More Organisations Take Action?

            For me, after working with more than 8,400 managers and leaders and thousands of organisations over the last 39 years, 3 reasons stand out:

  • It’s too much! - “the possibilities seem too big to be believable” - yet time after time success stories, prove the reality is different. 
  • It’s too difficult – “you’ve got to become a ‘black belt’, top of your class or go to university” – yet thousands defy this belief and transform their organisation.
  • We’re too busy – “there’s too much work in our organisation to give it time – Board Strategy – would never make room for this!

            The reality is, most organisations do have the capacity to increase their productivity, income, and profits by 15-400%    

Surely There’s An Easier Way To Get Greater Results?

         Yes there is!  After 39 years in the field I know there is an easier way.  The big problem is the main protagonists of these famous initiatives like Lean and TQM are somewhat purist.  They drive for the nth degree of improvement to achieve all the possible results.  What if you could just use the best, quick to use, tried and tested interventions, to get 80% of the results you want in the next 12 to 18 months?

            What if the key is held by your own managers and leaders? You can give them a new recipe for action so they can make just 12 simple, low cost, key breakthroughs in the coming months.  These will be enough to unlock masses of resources and potential you didn’t know you had in your organisation.  I spend my time showing managers and leaders and their organisations the recipe, and how to do this proven process we call Regenesis.

            I am willing to give you up to 2 hours of my time so you can find out more, identify where you’re already winning, and where you have hidden potential. I show you where more treasure is buried, and how to calculate its value.  Click here to book your shortcut to breakthrough (nothing to pay – with my compliments

I’m Thomas Welsh     

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