The Regenesis Programme

          Regenesis is a programme of intentional action to realise your true potential as a manager & leader, organisation head, or business owner. 12 powerful breakthroughs change the way you conceive and deliver your work as you more intentionally and actively create your vision of your future and that of your organisation.  These 12 breakthroughs enable you to deliver a unique proven recipe for you to become the best version of yourself, whilst helping you to do the same for those around you.

          Regenesis shows you how to maximise your contribution in 3 fundamental domains:  People, Systems and Growth.   Changing the way you take action in each domain predictably provides you with increased results, increased reputation and increased income.

           As you transform your work and lifestyle with Regenesis over the next 12-18 months you become an 'Intentionalised Manager and Leader.

         When you install the Breakthroughs of Regenesis, your actions turn into results, your results strengthen your reputation, and these in turn massively impact your rewards.

          The payoff for your effort is enormous.  In fact, at least 10x Return on Investment is Guaranteed for both you and your organisation when you invest the time, do the work, and access help when you need it.

          The RoI is guaranteed because uniquely Regenesis enables you to measure the value of your results before and after every breakthrough.         


Regenesis Works

          The programme works because it is a proven system to deliver exceptional results.  It is based on more than three decades of experience and research into what works. It was created and tested whilst working with more than 8,400 Managers & Leaders, 117 Boards, and 1000s of Organisations.

           It works because we believe measurement is key to building a track record and achieving outstanding results.  You measure the value of your expected results before and your actual results after every breakthrough.

          It works because you are enabled to massively increase your impact.  In fact, your initial goals for Regenesis are straightforward: 4 x the Results, 2 x the Salary, in ½ the Time

          It works because it ends the isolated endeavour of managers and leaders who ‘go it alone’.   Regenesis recognises the strength and value of shared ideas, cooperation and collaboration for the mutual benefit of all.

          It works with the right practices and strategies in place to guide and drive results, it provides an accountability-based community of peers who share ideas, help and guide you every step along your journey to success.


Your  Master Plan
 A 30-minute Breakthrough planning session every 6 months.  This keeps your plans for action up to date with a clear implementation schedule.

Your MasterMap Trainings
 Each of the Breakthrough MasterMaps delivered to you in bite-size pieces on demand. The fundamental how tos you can adopt and adapt for action in your situation

Your 2 x Weekly Live Q&A
 Email is always available.  Twice a week there’s live Q&A where can ask your hot questions to get clarity about the breakthrough intervention you are using.  

Your Success Partner
 The Regenesis 30 day challenge and 5 day goal system enable you and your success partner to hold each other to account and get more done each day.

Your Live ‘Get It Done’ Time
 Twice monthly, 2-hour, ‘live with team action sessions where you can focus on blasting through the work to create your results and deliver your breakthroughs.

Your Peer Mentors
 Your personal mastermind group of 4-6 peers work with you online to ‘test bed’ your plans, hotseat your performance, and share ideas and insights to help your next steps

Your Lifestyle Growth
Showing you how to systematically turn greater value into bigger income and the lifestyle of your dreams. Advanced Development for you as a change agent.

Your Private Support Network
 The friendship and networking colleagues you’ve always wanted.  Our energising LinkedIn Group is your private space to share and receive important ideas and insights


What Does It Mean To Be An Intentionalised Manager & Leader?

            Being an intentionalised manager and leader means You choose to live more of your life, your work, your lifestyle your way.

            You still love being a manager and leader, but you decide to deliver your best results to more people and more organisations in far less time, whilst earning the salary you want.

            As an Intenionalised Manager and Leader you perform to an exceptional standard, increasing your own contribution and the effectiveness of your organisation.  You outperform the vast majority by implementing a proven system which delivers the fundamentals of management more efficiently and powerfully.

            You use a system based on the best components selected worldwide from the highest performing methodologies and tools.  The best from methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Process Management and Improvement, BPR, Behaviour Management, Six Category Intervention Analysis, and more.

            Being an Intentionalised Manager and Leader means you are more purposeful, deliberate, and confident in all your decisions and actions.

          You can intentionally go into any organisation or team, and know how to improve on its performance and productivity using this rational, logical and generative system.

          As an Intentionalised Manager & Leader you have mastery of …

          … 5 simple actions necessary for every team to be fully mobilised.
          … 3 important discussions which are vital to secure the loyalty and motivation of your direct reports.
          … the single most important question you can ask to increase high value creativity and contribution
          … the top tool and crucial process necessary to safely jumpstart self-directed innovation.

          You Intentionally…

          … increase the functioning of your organisation’s 3-5 most important assets - at the right time
          … systematically grow your salary, by building these actions in your career, into your daily and weekly routine
          … implement the #1 mutual gain strategy to motivate colleagues to help each other and create massive gains
          … synchronise the 2 key processes that can become out of alignment to your organisation’s peril

            Being Intentional means you choose when to intervene to...

          … ensure your organisation is fit for growth, and use this final check to minimise the chance of "grow and break"
          … enable managers and leaders to use this simple tool to create human capital fit for the future
          … use a key aspect of chaos theory to prevent the disruption and disharmony which disables growth and potential.
          … employ a 5-dimensional approach to  build and protect your organisations longevity and future.

            Once you’ve delivered the 12 core intentionalised breakthroughs of Regenesis, you know what it means viscerally and cognitively to be an Intentionalised Manager and Leader.  You are achieving and measuring the enormous improvements and results for yourself and your organisation - which are now part of your impressive track record.

            You can now show other managers and leaders, and organisations, how to do Regenesis for themselves. This can create a significant source of extra income for your organisation, or yourself personally.

            As an Intentionalised Manager and Leader, you belong to a community of similarly ‘intentionalised’ individuals.  You can, if you chose, work with peers to intervene in ways that assist the development and future of the larger world in which you live.

            As one of an international community of Intentionalised Managers and Leaders, you no longer leave the direction and decisions of our future to others - to politicians, to the few at the top of society.  Together you can use your intentional capabilities to work together to make a massive difference, and drive the positive change so important for us all right now.

            Your biggest gain?  Without doubt re-engineering the quality and fulfilment of your life and work, and having the time, and the change agency skills to pursue the lifestyle of your choice

            As an Intentionalised Manager and leader the future is truly yours to create.

Who is Regenesis For?

                 CEOs, COOs,  Board Chairs, Executives, Non-Executives, Directors, Senior Managers, Middle Managers, Junior Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors - anybody who has a manager and leader role of any kind in a huge for-profit multinational, or the smallest not for-profit team.  In fact, anybody who has stepped up to the role of manager and leader to make a difference to themselves, their organisation, and the world around them will benefit from the programme.

          Of course, the Regenesis Programme is also for organisations who want to unlock their hidden potential. What makes the greatest difference is our client organisations and individual clients who all see the potential of this intentional system for managers and leaders.  Regenesis massively improves the outcomes and outputs managers and leaders and their organisations achieve, and the futures they create.

 How Do You Get Started?

There are 3 possible ways"

         1. IS BREAKOUT POSSIBLE FOR YOU? Are you curious, do you want to know: "Is there a single action you could take now to transform your own and your organisation's potential?"   Maybe you’re feeling a bit stuck as an individual or maybe it's difficult to male progess with the organisation you manage and lead? Or, maybe you’re just curious and asking the question anyway.  This free diagnostic conversation takes you straight to the single action that can start the tranformation of your life, career, and organisation.  You can book your free 'Breakout Session' here anytime there is a slot available in my diary*. 

         2. A DATE WITH YOUR FUTURE: The vast majority of managers and leaders (over 90%) are inadvertantly heading towards a future they haven't really chosen.  If this is you, we stongly suggest you urgently make a date to go out and meet your most wanted future life, work and lifestlyle.  This Saturday workshop shows you how to walk your timeline and get to know your future really well.  On its own, this workshop will change your life and make possible the tranformations you've always wanted. Click here to reserve your place at the next Saturday workshop.  There is a small fee, which is fully refundable when you book Your Regenesis. 

        3.YOUR REGENESIS:  Starting with your most wanted future in mind you're ready to change the way you take action as a manager and leader over the next next 12 to 18 months.  12 simple and quick to implment breakthroughs will transform your life, work and organisation.  You'll be supported every step along the way.  This is the end of trying to do it all on your own.  You can start here to save time as your Breakout Diagnostic Consultation and A Date With Your Future are included.  This is where  you deliver your Regenesis and make your future your own.  Click here to book in and get started.


The Future Is Yours

Choose Your First Step: 1- Your Breakout,  2 - A Date  With Your Future, or 3 - Your Regenesis

Click the best description of your situation below to discover where to start.


        You're conscious you might be getting stuck in a groove of same old, same old, days and weeks.  You realise you might be headed for a future life, work and lifestyle you haven't chosen.  There's not enough time for you, your family, your friends and your life.  You're wondering how you can breakout of this zombie-like existence  and choose something better.  You'd love if you could access a free diagnostic consultation to figure out where and how to breakout.  Well, here it is!.



          You know in you heart of hearts you've never really given yourself the time to get to know the futre you really want.  New year's resolutions are about as good as it's got.  An intimate knowledge of how you'd really like your life, work and lifetyle to be in 15 to 25 years time still eludes you.  Still to be done!  You'd love the the chance give yourself the time get to know the future you really want and to do it in the right way to give ourself a racing certainty of making it you reality in the next few years


        You've waited long enough to have the life, work and lifestyle you really want. It's always been "I'll do it when ..."  even though you used to think that day would come, so far it never has.  Well, today's the day you've decided your going to make it happen over the next 12 to 18 months.  What you'd love is a structured system to make the quick and easy breakthroughs necessary to alter the dyamic of your work, deliver excellent results, free up your time, build your reputation and rewards. 



Yes! Book My


Yes! Let's date


Yes! Let's start my REGENESIS


        Start your Regenesis Programme at the stage best suited to you.

        Our intentional managers and leaders typically start their journey in a low investment 3-hour Saturday Strategy Session.  This enables you to make a clear plan and calculate the expected value of  Regenesis to yourself and your organisation.  As soon as you are clear and confident about the value of way ahead, you can move into the Regenesis Programme.

        (Note: Breakout is Free with no obligation. Breakout and the Date with Your Future Workshop are included with the Regenesis Programme.  They will jumpstart quick wins and strengthen your plan from the beginning).


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