Attention: Professional Managers & Leaders


“How to Be the Ultimate 
Reputation Making,
Manager and Leader”


Do you ever think there is a much bigger role for you
to play in
creating your future career and life,

and the future of your organisation?

      Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by responsibility in these uncertain times?

      Do you want to have more influence and impact in the prosperity of your organisation?

What if… you could be The Ultimate Manager and Leader?

...and have :

 Less work

 More fun

 More recognition

 Fewer nightmares about stress or failure?

What if... this announcement could change your life and career for the better, forever?

      …. and you closed the gap between your life and career as it is now and your dream future?

What if… you could fast track your journey by maximising your own potential as a manager and leader?

      Many managers, like you and me, have a desire to become more:

 More for ourselves, more for our people, and more for our organisations.  

 Realising a yearning to make a profound difference.

 Reaching our potential as powerful change makers.

      Yet, on its own, this simple desire is not enough!  If it was, many more managers and leaders would achieve massive success!

      39 years ago, as I started my career, one thing grabbed my attention. It was the question WHY?

      Why do a tiny minority of Managers and Leaders outperform their peers by 10s, 100s, or 1000's of percent?  

      As I investigated this question more over time, a pattern appeared.  In every instance, I found a common cause - a 'MasterKey'.

A 'MasterKey', when used, was enough to… give the whole operation an edge…

      An edge of better than average results…or much better than average results!

      A 'MasterKey' in every way.

As I continued investigating, a hidden reality began to emerge:

      There are lots of hidden 'MasterKeys' - ways of creating extraordinary results.

      The same or similar 'MasterKeys' always produce similar extraordinary results; wherever they are used.

      You can join 'MasterKeys' together to unlock a 'MasterMap'.

      A MasterMap always unlocks a significant hoard of treasure buried in your organisation. (if you haven't already dug it up).

      You don't need many MasterMaps to make a massive difference to the value of a Manager's and Leader's role!

      The result of using the MasterMaps is always transformational growth.

How can you have absolute certainty about these results?

      I've been refining and proving these MasterKeys and MasterMaps for 39 years, working with 8,437 managers and leaders. The results have proven effective in every size and type of organisation!

      You can try it for yourself and see!

Hello, I'm Thomas Welsh

      My Central Mission in Life is - Releasing the potential of all managers and leaders.  I have developed this unprecedented system of 'MasterMaps called REGENESIS.

These MasterMaps:




Rejuvenate… the life and career of those who use them and the organisations they work for.

      I guarantee the Regenesis system is what you need to create the reputation, results, and rewards you seek…

       ... faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

      It is both time-efficient and extremely affordable.

      I want to ensure every manager and leader, and every organisation, can access this system.

      So, we are contacting you to recommend you try it now. It is an important tool to enable you and your organisation.

      You can get Regenesis for you as an individual manager and leader.


      You can get it for your team or organisation. 

      Either way, the return on investment is excellent.

What does Regenesis do for you and your organisation?

         Incredible gains from the start.   Even using only one MasterMap, brings you and your organisation masses of high value results and benefits.  Even in the first month, this is so.

      Regenesis also gives you a set of Diagnostics which:

Shows you if you have any gaps in your capabilities as a Visionary Manager and Leader and Change Agent.

Checks your organisation is functional and enabled in all the ways which matter.

Reviews the extent your Board or Top Team are providing the strategic leadership needed to succeed.

Spotlights where to make the easiest and most impactful gains.

      At each step along your journey through Regenesis, more diagnostics are available.

The diagnostics enable you to: 

      Focus your attention on what makes the most difference. Maximise your potential as a Manager and Leader.

Regenesis is Cumulative

Each MasterKey enables you to layer in another level of contribution and value.

Each collection of Masterkeys opens up a whole MasterMap.

This enables you to unlock yet more productivity, and growth hidden in your organisation.

      As you progress through the MasterMaps you set your course to incredible outcomes and contribution. Rewards and recognition and rewards must follow. You realise exactly how to secure the results you have been seeking.

      MasterMaps end your exposure to the “winds of change”. You're the confident and capable manager and leader now. People respect and trust you and what you can do to take them forward.

Here’s a flavour of what each MasterMap achieves for you:

MM1 Clarifies your life and career goals - big gains for you

MM2 Enables you to complete your team building

MM3 Focuses your direct reports on their most valuable contribution.

MM4 Increases valuable creativity and innovation in all around you

MM5 Improves the way you and your team do what you do

MM6 Configures financial contribution as the path to greater rewards

MM7 Mobilises colleagues to create even more contribution

MM8 Joins words to action to multiply results achieved

MM9 Engages everyone in the hunt for the Free 15-40% extra value available

MM10 Develops human capital so it is fit for its best possible future

MM11 Aligns values and behaviours throughout for greater growth

MM12 Unlocks every kind of growth and reinvention for the future

Suffice to say... when you start Regenesis, we encourage you as an individual, or an organisation, to aspire to a minimum of at least 400% gain.

Better still, you can choose your own bigger stretch goals for transformational growth, exceptional productivity and rewards to fulfil all your potential

These MasterKeys and MasterMaps, as you will see, are critical to the real success of every manager and leader, and every organisation.

Regenesis Premium is a network of Managers and Leaders.

      Every month we meet, for an hour and a half plus, where I share with you tried, tested, proven, cumulative interventions so you can:

 Systematically change the way you do certain of your activities as a manager and leader

 Generate much bigger results, productivity, output/incomes for your organisation

 Progressively translate these results into bigger rewards and access better jobs for you

 Build your ultimate career and life of choice

In addition to the monthly meeting, we also have a portal called:

The Regenesis Platinum Channel

      This feeds you the up to date links for all the stored webmeets, videos, webinars, templates, maps, books, reports, professional support materials etc. 

      You also have access, in real time, to all the different versions of Regenesis Interventions you may need in a particular situation.  This is so important as it enable you to choose which works best for you in any situation.

      I’ve chosen to deliver Regenesis this way because travel these days costs time, and you have access 24/7 to the internet. 

      Therefore you only have to dedicate 90 minutes a month to do this.  Even if you can’t make a session, it is recorded and stored for you.  The big advantage?

 Saves you time

 Saves you money

 Saves you travel

 Provides real-time support

 Gives you a tailored library of success you can access anytime you want to, day or night

      Would you like to try it for only $5 for the first month and see if it works for you in the way it's worked for all these other people?

You also receive these FREE bonuses
(total value over $2,000)

Week 1: Free Personal Video Course

Bonus 1 Value $97.00

Build Your Dreams
Change Your Life

Only 3%  of people seem to know these secrets to greater personal happiness and success.

Week 2: Free Personal Video Course

Bonus 2 Value $97.00

The Job Winner’s Toolkit

These hidden tools, hacks and tips massively increase your chance of winning your appointment, transfer, and promotion.

Week 3: Free Professional Video Course

Bonus 3 Value $97.00

Using Diagnostics to Create Change

If you’re not using diagnostics you’re working way too hard.


✅ How to Build the Life & Career of Your Dreams - Value $29.95

✅ Intentionalise – Self-Direction for Managers and Leaders - Value $79.95

✅ How to Write Blockbuster Reports - Value $29.95


✅ Regenesis Visionary Manager and Leader - Self Diagnostic – Value $395

✅ Regenesis 180 Organisation Development Diagnostic – Value $895

✅ Regenesis Boardroom and Top Team Review Diagnostic – Value $795


All you have to do now is check your best option...

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