“Will You Be Reactionary Or Intentionalised?”

            It’s very clear now, economic duress is on the rise for most of the world. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t take your financial future into your own hands, far from it.  If you have been reading ‘McKnsey on Point” for the last few years, you’ll know they strongly advocate using the opportunity to benefit from these tougher times.

The Message…

            …and I paraphrase…   use these inclement times – this is a good time to ‘get your house in order.’  What’s more; “Take advantage of these economic stressors to feel where the organisational pain points are – the ones you can’t feel in the good times.”

Here’s Some Hidden Gems:

            There is a huge amount of untapped potential and valuable resources tied up in the habitual ways managers and leaders work in their organisations.  As seen in the World Management Survey the variation of productivity across counties is huge, yet very few people seem to be aware of it.  Look at this graph:

It shows the variability of productivity across counties.  Firms at 90th percentile of productivity distribution are about twice as productive at those as the 10th percentile.

*Source Nick Bloom and John Van Reenen, World Management Survey

Within each country, there is a huge range of scores   - e.g

            Also, for many countries, productivity has dropped from pre 2008.  For example, the UK has dropped from 2nd highest productivity in the G7 countries pre-2008 to the 2nd lowest in the G7 today.

** Source: Observer Editorial 12/06/22

As A Manager and Leader How Can You Help Your Organisation?

          Well, quite simply you can take a look at the process or ‘recipe’ you and your managers & leaders use to run their functions or teams/your organisation.  What you may not have realised is that the process habitually used, by virtually all managers and leaders, misses a number of quick easy wins for any organisation’s bottom line. Together these easy wins make a major difference to your organisation’s productivity.  These are great ways to lift increasing financial burdens.

How Can You Access This Recipe?      

            I am now offering you, as a manager & leader, or business owner, a free strategy session to discuss your situation and how you can use this ‘recipe’.  This Intentionalised Manager & Leader Session gives you access to up to 75 minutes of expertise and guidance. Here you can discover how these quick wins can be applied to create massive results in your individual situation.

            The session also gives you sufficient time to identify your early breakthrough(s) and begin to strategise the way ahead for yourself and your organisation/clients. It gives you the wherewithal to make your first breakthrough and access others to keep your organisation thriving in these turbulent times.  Here’s the link to book your discussion.  I’m Thomas Welsh.  I look forward to talking with you soon. Here’s the link!

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