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The Regenesis Management Operating System for Organisations enables your managers to implement a series of low or no-cost actions. When combined, these actions create a rapid and profound transformation of your organisation and the results it can deliver. The Regenesis Management system shows you how to deliver co-ordinated management action for continuous improvment and bottom line gain.

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The Regenesis System is a tested and proven proces of 12 simple yet powerful breakthrough strategies.  It shows managers and organisations how to intervene to renew processes and restore balance in 3 fundamental domains;  People, Systems and Growth.

Essentially managers and their organisations learn how to more holistically Reconnect  People, how to more effectively Redesign Systems and how to more predictably Recreate Growth.

In a unique framework, 12 one-Page Mastermaps direct specific manager-level action.  Each MasterMap is designed to deliver what is logically necessary for peak performance and maximum benefit.for the organisation.


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What's Included In

The Management Operating System

For Organisations?


 STEP #1: To confirm the business case for the Regenesis Operating System in your orgaisation you will:

  1. Calculate the expected human capital reurn on investment from implementation
  2. Clarify the size of organisation you wish to transform (no. of managers & staff, average salaries, & tunover).
  3. Decide how quickly you would like to realise improved results.

STEP #2: You can agree:

  • Who will be the Implementation Support Manager to:
    • Provide executive support and decision making?
    • Liase with the top team?
    • Recieve progress and RoI reports from the implementation?
  • Who will be the link person in accounts to validate  the 6 level  expected  ROI (before implementation) and actual RoI (after implementation) for each breakthrough?

Step #3: You can decide the number of managers who will be your early adopters depending on the size of your organisation and how quickly you wish to transform your organisation. These managers will be your implementation team, best comprised of your most trusted and capable managers who can understand and install the system quickly and easily.  They can also be your most capable opinion formers who can persuade others to follow their example.  Your Implementation Team will also be shown how to advance their coaching and change agent skills.

Step #4: As soon as your implementation team managers are ready, they show colleagues how to install the Regenesis Operating System for Managers in each work area. 

NB1: Regenesis is designed to be an iterative system to regularly refresh and improve your people, systems and growth processes.  Increased manager and employee loyalty is an intended and expected outome; countering the 'Great Resignation' and Quiet Quitting'. Active support from Regenesis with the implementation, and development of your organisation can continue for as long as it adds value.

NB2: As implementation progresses, Regenesis can, if needed, also provide bespoke advice, professional facilitation, and support to assist the development of your top team, board and wider organisation.


Regular Breakthrough planning sessions. keep your manager's plans for action up to date with a clear implementation schedule.

Extra in-depth training on how to use each MasterMap, how to measure contribution and encourage managers to adapt individual breakthrough strategies to different situations.

Twice a week there’s live Q&A session where managers can ask questions, or get more understanding on the intervention they are implementing.  

 The Regenesis 30-day challenge and 5-day goal system enable you and your 'success partner' to hold each other to account on a daily basis.

 Twice monthly, 2-hour, ‘live with team' action sessions are held for your managers to focus together on creating results and delivering breakthroughs.

 A mastermind group of 4-6 peers work together online to ‘test bed’ plans, hotseat performance, and share ideas and insights on next steps.

Implementation Team Members are shown how to assess and advance their coaching, mentorring and change agent skills

The Regensis for Managers LinkedIn Group is a space to share and receive important ideas and insights


Full on-demand training for each of the MasterMaps is delivered to each of your registered managers, in bite-size pieces, on-demand. These are the fundamental breakthrough strategies your managers can adapt and adopt to improve results in their situation. 

Your Strategised Team
Complete your team building so you can trust your team to deliver their mission, vision, values, and vital few, to build your success.

Your Individualised Followers
Uncover their most wanted outcomes to motivate your direct reports to lighten your load so you can focus on unlocking hidden potential.
Your Energised Creativity
Create opportunity, permission, structure, and flow so game changing innovation builds your results and reputation.
Your Systematised Activities
Bring thoughtful design and control to your activities so that everything runs smoothly and reliably without your involvement.
Your Monetised Activity
Bring value out of the shadows so everybody is focused on delivering maximum value to your bottom line results.
Your Mutualised Performance
Build your upline and downline links so teams can contribute to the wider organisation’s performance and effectiveness.
Your Synchronised Communication
Upgrade your communication strategies and tools so words, actions, and outcomes are aligned to deliver improved results.
Your Enterprised Resilience
Programme your whole organisation for functional integrity and strength to ensure nothing fails as you pursue continuous growth.
Your Potentialised People
Design the creation of future human capital so the vision of your organisation can be delivered
Your Fractalised Synergy
Create a holographic representation of your organisation to ensure each of its fractals are fully representative of the wider whole.
Your Inceptionalised Growth
Re-imagine the inception of your organisation to remember its best and most aligned future quantum growth possibilities.
 Your Intentionalised Lifestyle
Uncover your most wanted outcomes on your journey to consciously create the freedom and life of choice you desire.

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