As a manager & leader are you currentl on a path to a future you haven't really chosen? Or, would you rather choose your intentional future with:     


  • Bigger results for your organisation, created more easily, using much less of your time.
  • An excellent reputation and legacy you have more consciously curated.
  • Consciously created results you use to deliberately increase your earnings.
  • An active personal community of intentionalised manager & leader colleagues with whom you actively share advice and ideas.


         Does the future you want stay where you can't reach it?               

          If so, this Free Breakout Session is for you, as a manager & leader, or business/organisation head. Here you can take a look at where you are now and your choices for the future. You can understand Regenesis and the Intentionalised Manager & Leader means for you.

          Stories of more conscious choices for higher quality work and lifestyle for managers and leaders are emerging. This session is about which you will choose. The future is yours.

            Whether you're a senior manager & leader, someone who has just started as a manager and leader or, somewhere in between, this free session is a life changer.

        97% of managers and leaders don't fully realise there's a choice and there's a certain way of maing that choice that massively impoves their likelihood of achieving the outomes they want.  This is such a loss for so many people - less salary, longer hours, smaller reputation, no legacy, for all their lives - and of course the consequent fall out for so many others.  All for what  - the sake of booking an hour or so of insight.

            On its own, your Breakout Session has the power to set in motion the transformation to all that you've ever wanted to achieve in your life, work and lifestyle.  I know. I've done it and shown thousands of others how to do the same.

          Breakout will give you a whole new perspective on your potential and that of your organisation.  Book your session here.


What does it really mean for you to be an intentionalised manager and leader?

Let's book an exploratory Breakout Session so we can get to know each other better and help you find out. This session is free.  We are offering this because we want to be able to help every manager and leader realise more of their potential. This free session is how we deliver on this commitment. So it’s not a pressuring sales talk (not our style at all).

We'd love to hear more about what you do - where you're winning, what's not working yet, and what your ideal vision for the next  12-24 months and beyond. Then, we'd love to help you identify the easiest place to break out for you and your organisation to breakout. Then we can focus on how to help you jumpstart your tranformation. 

Only then, if you’d like to talk about what the Intentionalised Manager & Leader might mean for you, we can explain how you mich take the next steps in our proven Regenesis process.  

Our highest wish for you from the session is you feel you now have definite steps you need to begin realising the future you really want - starting straight away.

Let's look a week or two ahead and suppose you booked your breakout session ...

...and you've finished your free session knowing that this is the week you've started your journey to your life, work, and lifestyle you've always wanted.

ALTERNATIVELY, let ME ask you THE other question:

If in 1, 2, or 5 years you were still in the exact same situation without taking the opportunity to realise any more of your true potential as a manager and leader - are you going to feel happy, knowing you had a day when could have have changed it?


Book your session of choice as early as you can each day.  If I know I'm going to have some free sessions in the days ahead I put them in them in my calendar at the start of each day - but numbers are very limitied and they go really quickly.  I aim to do at least 1 session each day - make one yours.  I don want you to be dissapointed. So click the button below...