Here are the Intentional Breakthroughs you’ll achieve in your programme of regenesis:

Your Strategised Team
Complete your team building so you can trust your team to deliver their mission, vision, values, and vital few, to build your success.

Your Individualised Followers
Uncover their most wanted outcomes to motivate your direct reports to lighten your load so you can  focus on unlocking more hidden potential.
Your Energised Creativity
Create opportunity, permission, structure, and flow so game changing innovation begins to build your results and reputation.
Your Systematised Activities
Bring thoughtful design and control to your activities so that everything runs smoothly and reliably without your involvement.
Your Monetised Activity
Bring value out of the shadows so everybody is focussed on delivering maximum value to your bottom line results.
Your Mutualised Performance
Build your upline and downline links so teams can all contribute to each other’s and the wider organisation’s performance and effectiveness.
Your Synchronised Communication
Upgrade your communication strategies and tools so aligned words, actions, and outcomes so increased synergies deliver improved results.
Your Enterprised Resilience
Programme your whole organisation for functional integrity and strength to ensure nothing fails as you engage with active growth.
Your Potentialised People
Design how your organisation’s future human capital will be created so the vision of your organisation can be delivered
Your Fractalised Synergy
Create a holographic representation of your organisation to ensure each of its fractals are fully representative of the wider whole.
Your Inceptionalised Growth
Re-imagine the inception of your organisation so you can remember its best and most aligned future quantum growth possibilities.
 Your Intentionalised Lifestyle
Uncover your most wanted outcomes as you travel through Regenesis to consciously create the freedom and life of choice you desire.

You’ll implement all 12 of these easb to use, quick to implement reakthroughs during your programme of regenesis
(you can choose to extend support for more than one year if necessary).


      The Meta Levels are the extra dimension of Regenesis.   4 extra workshops a year allow you to acquire different ways of thinking about your world and yourself.  This leads you to gradually build a new and enhanced worldview. The best breakthroughs occur more quickly when you are an effective change agent who intentionally intervenes with integrity to make them happen.

Here's What Works to Produce Exceptional Results For Managers & Leaders   

 Your  Master Plan
A 30-minute Breakthrough planning session every 6 months.  This keeps your plans for action up to date with a clear implementation schedule.

Your MasterMap Trainings
 Each of the Breakthrough MasterMaps delivered to you in bite-size pieces on demand. The fundamental how tos you can adopt and adapt for action in your situation

Your 2 x Weekly Live Q&A
 Email is always available.  Twice a week there’s live Q&A where can ask your hot questions to get clarity about the breakthrough intervention you are using.  

Your Success Partner
 The Regenesis 30 day challenge and 5 day goal system enable you and your success partner to hold each other to account and get more done each day.

Your Live ‘Get It Done’ Time
 Twice monthly, 2-hour, ‘live with team action sessions where you can focus on blasting through the work to create your results and deliver your breakthroughs.

Your Peer Mentors
 Your personal mastermind group of 4-6 peers work with you online to ‘test bed’ your plans, hotseat your performance, and share ideas and insights to help your next steps

Your Lifestyle Growth
Showing you how to systematically turn greater value into bigger income and the lifestyle of your dreams. Advanced Development for you as a change agent.

Your Private Support Network
 The friendship and networking colleagues you’ve always wanted.  Our energising LinkedIn Group is your private space to share and receive important ideas and insights


  Imagine for a moment you'd completed the breakthroughs intended in the Regenesis programme ...

What do your life, work, and organisation look like as you achieve this level of transformation? 

let ME ask you an alternative question:

If in 1, 2, or 5 years you are still in the same situation you are in now; not realising more of your true potential as a manager and leader - are you going to feel fulfilled knowing you could be and do so much more?

IF THE ANSWER IS NO, let's talk.

I’d love to know more about your situation and how Regenesis can help You.