I'm Thomas Welsh

Over the last 40 years, I've helped create Europe's first digital front office call centres, helped turnaround a $22bn multinational telco, reconfigured a mutli $bn health system. I've redefined how board effectiveness can be advanced, built systems to increase strategic contribution of managers and coached and trained more than 8,000  executives, managers and professional leads.

Then, in 2016, I burned out.  My childhood sweetheart and I quit our city jobs to live more intentionally. We moved from the big city to the countryside to focus on our real mission

Now I run a specialist advisory firm showing managers, executives and board directors how to install better operating systems to streamline and intentionalise the work they do.  This rapidly unlocks major resources, delivers higher productivity, bigger results, increased creativity, growth, and better bottom lines but all importantly also gives them their time back. Most importantly it enables them to join the growing body of manager solopreneurs.

When I'm not advising and building systems and networks for directors, executives and managers, I'm a government advisor and mentor and coach to selected managers, executives and professionals all over the world. How can I help you?



If you would like to revitalise your work and life as a manager, or unlock major resources and increase the health of your organisation or strengthen strategic direction and effectiveness of your board - then let's talk.

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